Installation Legal Office (ILO)

Fort Hunter Liggett Legal Contacts

DSN: 686-XXXX | Commercial: (831)386-XXXX

The Installation Legal Office (ILO) provides legal advice and counsel to the command and staff of USAG Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) and Parks Army Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA). The ILO provides legal support in Ethics, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Contracts & Fiscal Law, Real Property Law, and Labor and Employment Law. Our contact information is:

Staff Judge Advocate
(831) 386-2897
Property, Environmental, and Administrative Law
(831) 386-2897
Contracts and Fiscal Law, Real Property
(831) 386-2897
Civilian Labor and Personnel Law
(831) 386-2894

Presidio of Monterey Legal Contacts

DSN: 768-xxxx | Commercial: (831)242-xxxx

Client Support functions, such as Claims, Legal Assistance, and the US Army Trial Defense Service, are conducted from the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, Presidio of Monterey. This office serves as the General Court-Martial Convening Authority for both Fort Hunter Liggett and Parks Reserve Forces Training Area. Additionally, this office is responsible for administering Military Justice for our command. Their contact information is as follows:

Main Office
(831) 242-6387/6411
(831) 242-6396
Legal Assistance
(831) 242-5083/5084
Military Justice
(831) 242-50814
Trial Defense
(831) 242-4539


Installation Legal Office

Building 233A
Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif. 93928


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