Directorate of Emergency Services


The mission of the Directorate of Emergency Services is to provide members of the community first class professional law enforcement, fire protection, and security services. Protect the Service Members, Civilians, Families, and Visitors of this community with 24 hour police and fire support that enhances safety, security, and increases force protection. Maintain good order and discipline by enforcing the rules, regulations, and policies of the Department of Defense, Army, Garrison and Senior Commander while treating all persons with dignity and respect. This will provide our community with a safe and secure place to live, work, and play.


Provide professional law enforcement, fire and emergency services, and security throughout the organization while maintaining a safe and secure community for Soldiers, Civilians, and family Members.

Strategic Goals

  • Provide a Safe and Secure Community
  • Improve operations utilizing current technologies
  • Enhance organizational professionalism and responder operations
  • Create an environment that promotes sound values and rewards creative thinking
  • Post Access

    In accordance with the new Army Directive 2014-05, all non-Department of Defense ID cardholders must be escorted during their entire time at all Army installations or be vetted by the Physical Security Office for non-escorted access. To obtain credentials for non-escorted access, the Physical Security Office is required to run a background check through the FBI National Crime Database. Once favorably vetted, individuals will be issued credentials allowing them access to Fort Hunter Liggett and Parks Reserve Forces Training Area. Individuals must keep these credentials with them at all times. The vetting and credentialing offices are located at Building 235, Blackhawk Road at Fort Hunter Liggett, and Building 620 at Parks Reserve Forces Training Area, aka Camp Parks. Military sponsors of contractors can also visit the Physical Security at Fort Hunter Liggett during normal duty hours (8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday) to expedite contractor credentialing. This process takes at least ten minutes so please plan to arrive early for your activity at our installations. We apologize for the delay as we process the surge of requests within our limited resources. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

    The California driver's license issued prior to Jan. 18, 2018 does not meet the 2005 Homeland Security Real ID Act requirement. Homeland Security has issued an extension for use of this older style license as an acceptable form of federally approved ID until Oct. 10, 2018.

    California driver's licenses issued after Jan. 18 are of two types:

    • Real ID compliant. This driver's license has a bear and a star in the upper right hand corner. This license can be used as a federally approved ID to enter FHL.
    • Non-Real ID compliant. It has "Federal Limits Apply" in the upper right hand corner. This is a valid driver's license only and is not a federally approved ID.

    People without federally approved driver's licenses who wish to gain entry into FHL would need an additional form of federally approved identification as shown on the list.

    Visitor Access Info

    Access Request Form

    Acceptable IDs



    Police Deparment TEL:
    (831) 386-2526

    Fire Deparment TEL:
    (831) 386-2517


    Post Access Requirements

    • Current drivers license for vehicle operators.
    • Current government (federal/state) identification card for passengers and all adults in vehicle.
    • Current proof of vehicle insurance.
    • Current state vehicle registration (temporary or permanent).
    • If driving a rental car, must have rental agreement.

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