Religious Support Office

The Religious Support Office is the place to start looking for ways to grow spiritually and to build your spiritual resiliency. Whether you are looking for a information on a specific faith community, participating in religious education, or need a little pastoral care/counseling please contact us and we will support you in your spiritual journey.

Contact Information:
Garrison Chaplain – 831-386-2465
NCOIC – 831-386-2932
Pastoral Coordinator – 831-386-2808
Family Life Chaplain - 831-386-2603
Chaplain Staff Duty Phone – 925-719-3075

Units training at Fort Hunter Liggett may request Protestant Field Services, please submit your request at least three days in advance by calling 831-386-2808 or stopping by either the chapel, building 190 Infantry Road, or the Religious Support Office, building 286 (located next to the ID Card bldg and flag pole).