Fort Hunter Liggett Fire and Emergency Services vision is to set forth new technologies and procedures for others to emulate, guaranteeing a rapid response to meet the challenges and needs of each customer or emergency. The Fire and Emergency Services has established a long range vision plan which has been developed in accordance with current regulations, present and future missions on post, and evaluating hazards throughout our customer base.


The DES is the garrison entity that provides for the protection, welfare and safety of the garrison community. This includes all first responders to emergency situations as well as those functions that plan responses, educate the community and disseminate public safety-related information. The DES includes a Police/Provost Marshal Division and the Fire Protection & Prevention Division. The Police Chief/Provost Marshal shall be the DES Director.

About Fort Hunter Liggett Police Department

Fort Hunter Liggett, located in southern Monterey County, California, has been an active Army installation since 1940 when the US Government purchased the land from publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, Jr. and neighboring landowners. Since its inception Fort Hunter Liggett has maintained a law enforcement presence through the deployment of Army Military Police.

In October 1993 the Department of the Army (DA) decided to 'retire' the Military Police and create a DA civilian police force. The Federal civilian officers employed at Fort Hunter Liggett are sworn members of the law enforcement community with an area of responsibility which spans 162,000 acres of wilderness as well as serving at the Camp Roberts California National Guard Installation located in Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties. Duties include crime prevention, traffic control, criminal investigations, community service, hunting and fishing enforcement, and the protection of archaeological sites and artifacts.


Anticipate and meet the needs of the Fort Hunter Liggett Community customer base.

Through partnership with Fire and Emergency Staff, develop key deployment strategies by application of diversified skills and knowledge.

Through an aggressive leadership plan, the fire and emergency services has acquired the best equipment, best trained, and most knowledge group of environment experts in the area.

Through constant training, we can maintain our high level of competency to stop hazardous conditions to the environment.

To provide public educational programs that provides insight and awareness to the public on safety issues, as well as environmental ones.

Maintain the high standard of knowledge, skills and techniques by self assessment through Organization Readiness Inspections (ORI) and stay current with future growths.

Fort Hunter Liggett Fire and Emergency Services bottom line: THE SOLDIER


Police Department
Building 235
Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif 93928


Police Department TEL:
(831) 386-2526

Fire Department TEL:
(831) 386-2517


Post Access Requirements

  • Visitor Access Info
  • Current drivers license for vehicle operators.
  • Current government (federal/state) identification card for passengers and all adults in vehicle.
  • Current proof of vehicle insurance.
  • Current state vehicle registration (temporary or permanent).
  • If driving a rental car, must have rental agreement.

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